Along the Mississippi

As I've mentioned before, visiting our friends and family has been an integral part of this journey of ours. We stopped in Clinton, Iowa to visit our good friends Ryan and Kelli. They had space next to their house where we were able to park the RV. We got to use their shower (YAY for … Continue reading Along the Mississippi

Time in the Panhandle

We have been without reliable internet service more often than not during these couple months out thus far. That being said, sharing on social media has been sporadic and filled with multiple photo regurgitations when I get a chance. An update is an update, no matter how old it is. We're long past Texas. But … Continue reading Time in the Panhandle

and Go!

Operation visit all the friends and see all the things has begun! We had a nice two week stay in Mesa, not far from my mom. The RV resort we stayed at was a ghost town, because who wants to come to the Phoenix area in the summer time? Anyone? I don't see many hands raising. So … Continue reading and Go!