Back in AZ–Part 2

We left Tucson and headed for my mom's in Mesa.  Aside from a small trip back down to Tucson, we stuck around her place for a while. We visited family and friends and just relaxed. We were able to go to the Arizona Science Center, for free, using the Mesa Public Library's Culture Pass. It … Continue reading Back in AZ–Part 2

Home Sweet Home–back in AZ pt 1

We returned home to AZ for a couple months. Home is now a relative term, considering home is wherever we park. But we claim AZ and will always return. In my opinion, the winter and spring are really the best time to be there. Coming from all the cold, it was refreshing to be in … Continue reading Home Sweet Home–back in AZ pt 1

and Go!

Operation visit all the friends and see all the things has begun! We had a nice two week stay in Mesa, not far from my mom. The RV resort we stayed at was a ghost town, because who wants to come to the Phoenix area in the summer time? Anyone? I don't see many hands raising. So … Continue reading and Go!