Hi! Thanks for stopping by. Meet our little family of 4 (plus a couple of furry 4 legged kids).

It all started back in 2005 when we first met and lived and travelled in Europe.  Life turned from constant adventures with little responsibility, to moving back to the States, career changes, becoming home owners and then parents. AKA, adulting. Though the latter has been our greatest adventure yet, we’ve longed for the explorations of memories past. We want our girls to have a passion and knowledge of the world around them. And we didn’t want to cram it into 1 week a year.

We wondered how can we live within the same means as always, but be able to roam? Finally we took the leap and slowly began selling most of our belongings, our home and bought a 5th wheel RV. We went from 1880 sqft to a tiny 300ish sqft. Are we crazy?! Nah! We’ve learned that many families are doing it and we’re happy to be a part of this community. We plan on visiting every state in the U.S., visit every National Park all while homeschooling, cooking homemade vegetarian meals, spending time with friends and family and making new friends along the way. We aren’t sure how long we’ll do this. Could be two years. Could be indefinitely. One thing is certain is that we have each other, we have our home, and we are free to roam! Join us?

Meet the Fam!


Amy: The writer, coordinator, day dreamer, super Mom. She wears many hats and is the jack of many trades, master of few. She can often be found doodling and singing songs.


Jeff: The resident artist, Dad, mastermind and engineer behind ideas. In his spare time he can be found talking science or blowing glass or both.












Lilly: Big sis, passionate about all things fun. She is boisterous, loves collecting anything she can get her hands on, reading maps and singing songs.  She’s curious about everything.


Violet: Little sis, loves to snuggle, carry around her newfound treasures, passionate about choosing her own clothes, chasing her big sister, blowing raspberries and gently petting the cat. She likes to sit back and spectate the world around her before diving in.


Chamele: Cat, teenager. When she’s not pretending to ride a broom, she likes to sleep, purr, lay on paper and meow in the middle of the night. She can be found snoozing in the sunlight.



Chanelle: Our 1st “baby”. Dog, rescue, snuggler.  When she’s not pretending to be a pillow, she can be found trying to steal the cat’s food or sitting on the couch like a human.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello how interesting your life is !! I often wish we could do as you and your family is . I saw you in my team page for beachbody , may I ask you what you and your husband do to make this kind of living peaseable? Hope this is not to direct but I am so interested in this lifestyle !!.. best regards !


    • Oh thanks! We live as cheaply as possible and try to keep bills less than what they were when we lived in our house. We like to do free camping as much as possible.
      My husband is an artist & makes money at shows while we travel. & we find work along the way. Right now I’m volunteering at a national forest In exchange for free campsite. There are lots of non retiree aged people living this lifestyle. Traveling nurses,online jobs, etc. I can add you to some groups on fb that are for doers and dreamers of this lifestyle.


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