Pumpkins and Black Cats

Tennessee Aquarium

(fall 2017)
Fall time! The time for cooler weather, hoodies, pie.
Crisp leaves scraping the ground as the wind blows new ones around you, helping the orange and brown and yellow and red off their perch and to the ground below.
Start of the school year.
Pumpkin patches.
And black cats!

I don’t remember ever going to a pumpkin patch as a kid. But it is one of my favorite fall time activities now! Even before we had the kids, we would go to a farm or orchard and pick produce, ride the wagon to the patch, pluck a lucky little pumpkin and get lost in corn mazes. So naturally, after the kids were born, the tradition lives. We found a nice place in Eagleville, TN called Lucky Ladd Farms.

The previous year we made friends with a local family and the kids became penpals over the past year. YES! Old school penpals! The kids have loved getting their own mail and keeping in touch. Even if it is the snail way 😉 So upon returning to work at Amazon, we met up with them to share dinners, play, go to Halloween events at their school and more! It was really nice having these friends mere minutes from our campground

generations! with Great Grandma and Grandma

We were treated with a special surprise of Great Grandma making a stopover on her journey from Chicago to Florida. Even though the visit was brief, we cherish every moment of times like that!

The kids also started a new school year. Preschool and 1st grade!

This was the year of 3 Halloween celebrations! The kids went to their friend’s school trick or treating, another day they were loaded up on sweets at the campground, and regular trick or treating. Sometimes we try to do themed costumes. This year…Jeff was bacon! Ha!

And then one day I came home from my shift at Amazon…and there laying next to our pumpkin, was a black cat. A Halloween kitty! I burst into the RV and blurted out about the cat. Jeff looked at me calmly and said “He has followed us around all day”. For weeks after, this cat would hear the girls playing and would run up to them. He would go on walks with them. He wound between the cats legs. He flipped on his back awaiting belly rubs. He belonged to no one at the campground. No one nearby. He wasn’t microchipped or collared. And he never left our side. Finally, after weeks we decided to give him a forever home. After all, he had adopted us. He got fixed, vaccinations, chipped, a collar, went for a test ride in the truck and did great without a carrier. Here is Kevin…the head butting, dog snuggling black cat love of our lives 😀


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