Back in Tennessee

(sept 2017)
Hello friends! Just another blog called catch up. Still pretty far behind but trucking through 😉

Our route led us back to Tennessee, for another year working at Amazon and visiting Jeff’s family. The previous year we barely scraped the surface on places we wanted to visit in the area. So we were determined to see more this time around. But first things first…

The sun was still shining and the air was still warm, land teeming with bright green. And when your Aunt & Uncle have a pool, you take advantage of that warm weather while you can. Because it’s quickly going to leave.

It’s amazing how you can be away from someone and some place for a long time and as soon as you are back, you are comfortable and happy. The kids prove this every time. It took them a nanosecond to settle in. And even though they have Grandma & Grandpa’s house, which is much larger than our RV, they choose to be smashed together while playing. You can take the kid out of the tiny living but you can’t take the tiny living out of the kid 😀

We had the pleasure to visit Grandma at her school. The kids have fun going there and seeing a “real” school.

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