There’s More Than Corn in Indiana

Brown County State Park

(Sept 2017)
Growing up in Indiana, you think I would know that the state is more than just farmland and rolling hills dotted with cities. Our trip south stopped us in Bloomington again to visit ABR where Jeff purchases the majority of his glass and materials. They have been so kind and welcoming to us that 2 years in a row, as our paths brought us near, they’ve let us park next to the warehouse and set up for a few days to blow glass. Jeff works and hangs out with them, we buy material, explore the area and then move along. We always enjoy our time there!

The area is lush with greenery, steep hills, vistas, a state park, covered bridges, and the quaint artist town of Nashville…not to be confused with that music metropolis over in Tennessee 😉 We didn’t visit any covered bridges this time around but we climbed up a heart pumping, sweat inducing old Fire tower! As always, we seek out local playgrounds to see what fun we can find (check out our HT #thegreatparksearch on Instagram to see what we’ve found).

a local we hung out with for a while

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