After Utah…Heading East

another episode of updating our way behind travels… 😉
(July/Aug 2017). See an explanation why we’re blogging about years ago, here.

After 3 months workamping in Utah, we bid farewell to our new friends and headed out. Our first stop was Cedar City, Utah to hang with family and for Jeff to redo the roof of the RV. We visited the Parowan Gap Petroglyphs. We also hung at the city aquatic center that is partially indoors (no need to worry about burning!) &it had a lazy river.

Next we journeyed up to Salt Lake City where we have a few friends. Friends that we’ve known a long time! Amy’s friends from high school and the Air Force; Jeff’s friend from the Marine Corps (that we didn’t get a pic with oops). We’re so happy we got to reconnect with them and their families. Meeting up with our friends and family has been a major perk in the fulltime RVing life.

We headed east, making a stop in Nebraska to stay at the largest lake in the state. It was a nice stop to chill for a couple days. Lilly lost a front tooth. That’s always an exciting thing!

And then onward to Indiana & Michigan to visit friends and family. But most importantly, for a wedding: Amy’s youngest sister’s. (to be continued)

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