Workamping in Utah

10 minute walk from the RV

Workamping is something many fulltime RVers do to acquire a free spot and/or to stay put in one spot for a few months and dive into the local area, make friends, etc. For us, it has been a great way to recharge as well. A quick google search will bring up the plethora of websites dedicated to help you find open workamping positions. Some are paid positions, some are strictly in exchange for site. Some work minimal hours, others work you ridiculous amounts. There is lots of debate on whether workamping is worth it or not. We think it is if you choose something that works for you and your family! **TIP** always, always get it in writing what hours you are expected to work that way there are no suprises!

Tropic Reservoir…down the road from our camp site

Our 1st time workamping was at Red Canyon Visitor Center in the Dixie National Forest, Utah. VERY close to Bryce Canyon NP. I have to clarify that I (Amy) am the only one that actually worked in exchange for our spot. Jeff was able to stay home and set up his glass blowing in a nearby shed which worked great as a workshop.

our spot & Jeff’s workshop in the background
1 of many campfires and shared meals

I worked at the visitor center, handed out local info, hiking info, camping info, and sold stuff from the gift shop. Easy peasy. In exchange for my minimal hours, we were put into a campsite called Dave’s Hollow, owned by the National Forest. It contained spots with full hookups for 4 RVs. It was glorious and quiet, with star filled night skies and daily visits from Pronghorn Antelope. The kids were free to roam in the enclosed area. And we would visit the horses daily to chat and feed them carrots. The small group of workers became like a family and we still keep in touch with a few of them. There was also a cabin and group of scientists that would use the facilities. Some of them were studying bears and we were able to go out with them once when they sedated a bear and took samples from it. What a learning experience! Towards the end of our contract, each kid was able to come into the visitor center and be a helper for the day. They really enjoyed that!

The rest of the afternoons and off days were spent hiking, going on scenic drives, learning about the local area and just relaxing. Jeff had art shows some weekends. We would love to go back to this position again someday. If you’re looking for a good summer workamping position, head on over to and see if Red Canyon Visitor Center has openings. Your mind and body will thank you for the quiet and solitude.

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