Where Have We Been?!

We haven’t had a new blog post in what seems forever.

When we first started this blog we did it with the intention of documenting our travels for family that is not on social media, for the kids to look back on and read about our journeys in detail, and as a place to keep related pics in one place.

And then we focused solely on our Instagram account. We LOVE the community that we have built and grown to know and meet and share experiences with. But I fear when we’re done with this chapter in our lives, that it won’t be as easy to look back upon; to read the stories in their entirety and get the whole picture of certain places or experiences.

So we’re back! And to keep with continuity, we’ll be picking up where we left off: a year ago! It’s going to be time consuming and probably less content than photos but I feel the need to start where we stopped.

If you’ve been following along with us all this time on IG or Facebook, get ready to see some oldie but goodies 🙂 If you’re only with us here on this blog: Hi! We’re back!

One thought on “Where Have We Been?!

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