Back in AZ–Part 2

We left Tucson and headed for my mom’s in Mesa.  Aside from a small trip back down to Tucson, we stuck around her place for a while. We visited family and friends and just relaxed.


cousins ❤

We were able to go to the Arizona Science Center, for free, using the Mesa Public Library’s Culture Pass. It was nice to ride the lightrail all the way from the east valley to downtown and not have to find or pay for parking. The Science Center was so much fun and it was a great way to spend a day “schooling”.

Another place that we were able to go to for no charge, was the Japanese Friendship Garden. It was a very small place, but a serene and calm and beautiful space amongst the skyscrapers. I couldn’t even hear the drone of the vehicles on Interstate 10 that zips nearby. Speaking of which, the park next door to the gardens is on top of the tunnel that I-10 in downtown Phoenix goes through. All these years I assumed skyscrapers were on top of that tunnel!
20170322_125836We did a little hiking along the Salt River in hopes of seeing the wild horses roaming. We didn’t see any but had a great time anyways.

We went to the Ostrich Festival in Chandler with my mom, brother & his kids. We saw Eddie Money and Starship perform. We watched high divers and acrobats. And the girls rode on their very 1st ferris wheel!
20170311_185020Lilly celebrated her 6th birthday which is always fun to do with family around. She chose ice cream cake, pizza and watched the real life Beauty & The Beast at the theater, after a round of glow in the dark mini golf.
She also celebrated the break of a bone. Her first. Her and Violet were racing full speed on their bicycles and had a collision. Her pinky finger suffered a small crack. She was so excited to get an Xray (they even gave her a copy of it!) and a cast: a sparkly blue cast.

Before the cast incident, the day she broke it, we had plans and a hotel stay in Tucson at Desert Diamond Casino. They have a free program for veterans where you can get 1 night a month. We’ve loved going there and swimming over the years. So, there was Lilly, bruised swollen finger and jumping and swimming in the pool. So strong and not a care in the world. It wasn’t until the next day that her finger looked worse and we decided to take her in to get an xray.

Jeff spent days scraping the old decals off the RV. They were sun damaged and cracking and just looked crappy. Now that they’re removed it looks cleaner. Good job hunny!


We also took a side trip to California to visit one of my best friends and the girls’ first trip to Disneyland!! (post coming soon)

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