Happy 1 year Nomadiversary!

May marked our one year of living fulltime in the RV. ONE YEAR! Our one year nomadiversary! And we’re all alive! We have had ups and downs. We have had trials and triumphs, ah-ha moments and lots of fun. It hasn’t been easy the whole way. For instance, our Internet often sucks, hence why it’s June and this is just now getting posted. I’d never want anyone to think this lifestyle is the easiest because it’s not. But we wouldn’t have it any other way! It’s been a wild ride and I’ll share our highlights in this post.

Our ever changing yard!

Some of the spots we have found have been extraordinary! We’ve spent the night on the beach, lulled to sleep by the crashing waves. We’ve had Pronghorn Antelope prance through our “backyard”. We’ve stayed at numerous vineyards, one where we drank copious amounts of wine, got to clean the vats and enjoyed the company of the owner for multiple nights. We’ve stayed at numerous friends and family’s front (& back) yards. We’ve stayed outside of the glass company where Jeff gets all of his glass & equipment from. And outside the glass school. We’ve also stayed for the occasional night in not so glamorous places: Walmart, truck stops and roadside rest area parking lots. We’ve stayed in the desert, surrounded by the sounds of coyotes and a blanket of stars overhead. All of those places have been free or next to free. We’ve stayed at a few regular RV parks as well and those have been wonderful experiences. However, if we’re going to pay for a site, we prefer natonal forest, BLM or state park campgrounds. 

The View!

Our view is never dull or boring. 


Everywhere we go, we try to find a local playground. It has been a lot of fun seeing the different playgrounds in different cities and towns. Of course, the kids love this part. 


We have immensely enjoyed swimming and playing in the water any chance we get.


This year was packed full of 1sts for the kids.                                                                      -Lilly lost her 1st two teeth & had her 1st broken bone & cast                                           -Violet learned to ride a pedal bike (no training wheels ever!)                                      -they officially started school (preschool & kindergarten)                                                 -1st trip to Disneyland                                 -1st official haircuts                                          -girls’ 1st time kayaking,  rock climbing, at  a drive-in movie, sledding, ice skating,  playing in fall leaves & slacklining               -their 1st time riding on a boat, a ferris  wheel & a ferry.                                               -1st time meeting a lot of family members and old family friends

Sights (& Sites) 
-several towns along historic Rte 66.             -Meteor Crater.                                                 -2 NASA space centers                                  -16 National Parks & Monuments               -9 State & County parks                                  -7 museums                                                   -13 attractions & roadside oddities              -4 lighthouses                                                    -a few waterfalls                                             -2 historic covered bridges                              -many scenic drives                                         -visited 20 states.   

We’ve had a blast and can’t wait to see what this next year brings. 

Happy travels 🙂 

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