Rainy Week in Biloxi

20161231_134052When we left Tennessee we headed towards Arizona but made a few pit stops along the way.  Along I-10 we stopped 4 times to visit with friends. Friends we haven’t seen in a few years; a couple friends I hadn’t seen in well over a decade!
Our first stop was in Biloxi, Mississippi to visit with our friends Launie and Jeremy. We originally planned to park in the empty lot near their house but in the end decided to park in the neighbor’s driveway. Even though it took a long time to get the trailer correctly into position, parking in the grass would’ve turned out to be a nightmare! It rained. And rained. And did I mention rain?
Jeremy had to pull us out of that mud. This was just from the first night of rain. Had we parked the RV back there, it would’ve been quite the unwanted adventure! This 1st day though, we did have clear skies and were able to go to the INFINITY Science Center and toured the Stennis Space Center. So much to see there and all so fascinating!


The weather didn’t allow us to spend much time at the beach. Being so close to the beach but not going every day was agonizing for the kids. We were walking distance away! So one day, between rain clouds, we visited the beach for a tad. And we did typical tourist things in Biloxi: ate at a buffet, visited the giant shark mouth, and meandered the gift shop aisles.

We also went to see Moana at the movie theater, we explored a local beachside park, saw the world’s largest rocking chair, and we rung in the New Year with our friends.  The girls earned yet another Junior Ranger badge; this time at Gulf Islands National Seashore. The skies were clear enough that day for us to visit.


We spent some quality time watching movies, chatting, and making silly faces. Typical rainy day activity.  (thanks for some of these pics Launie!) We had a great time catching up. When we left we stopped along the way to have lunch with my old friend Julie before continuing on to Texas.  See ya next year! Hopefully with less rain;)

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