Seasons Change


Right now we’re in the desert and everything is teaming with life and glowing green with pops of color from wildflowers and cacti in bloom. Spring has sprung! It seems so far removed from our experience in the opposite direction; our time in Tennessee during the fall.



We arrived when the trees were full and the days were still long. The air was warm. The sunlight glistened on the broad green leaves and shimmered high above our heads every time the wind blew through the canopy. The sound of leaves flittering about, still attached to branches, hitting into one another. Music.


And then everything started to change. Soon, the forest around us went orange and brown. The sky that was once only seen through peek-a-boos between the leaves suddenly became this immense blanket of blue high above our heads. We no longer had the shade. And something magical happened that the kids have never seen.



The quintessential showing of fall time: piles of fallen leaves. One day the kids were outside playing and a gust of wind blew through the trees, taking the leaves from their perch and down to the ground in a rainshower of leaves. They stopped playing and stared up into the sky in wonderment. They had never seen the changing of leaves or witnessed them falling. They were in awe!


For the next few weeks they raked piles and jumped into them. They ran through them. They buried things in them. They laid in them. They tried to get the dog to run through them.


They ran full speed ahead into the piles. They jumped off chairs and tables. They had so much fun playing in the leaves. It was amazing watching them enjoy it so much. Our little desert babies. They had never seen such a sight!


We alsao spent a great deal of time walking on the crunchy leaves. I love that sound! Crunch, crunch.  I feel so grateful to have had the chance for the kids to experience this; something that I remember fondly about my childhood. And now even though we’re back in the desert, we’re watching all of the barren trees bud and quickly turn green. The circle of seasons and life continues.

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