Beginning of Fall–Our Time in Tennessee

It’s hard to believe that many months have already passed since we were in Tennessee. This RVing life has made it possible to live by anyone and anything we desire. For as long as we want. Sure, it has come with challenges, but the benefits have outweighed those. This last fall we spent a few months in TN where I worked at an Amazon fulfillment center that just so happened to be less than 2 hours from Jeff’s parents and sister and her family. And one of his cousins lived even closer. It was fantastic to be so near and spend the holidays with this part of our family that we normally don’t.
Our free time was filled with a parade, a fair, hiking, playing, laughing, snuggling, eating delicious food, making new friends and exploring new places. One weekend a couple of his cousins came to town for a visit and all 15 of us went to a farm to play and pick pumpkins.
We celebrated Halloween while in TN. Amazon hosted an open house and trunk-or-treating. Then on Halloween we hosted a party at the campground. So, the girls got to dress up twice!
20161002_162802PhotoGrid_1490336928586We also spent Thanksgiving with his parents. And the rest of the campground. Someone at the campground hosted a potluck Thanksgiving. It was nice to cook one dish as opposed to a whole meal. A community meal for this day may be a new tradition! We also learned that our oven doesn’t work in the RV. We had never tried it before, but found out when we tried to warm a dish. Our neighbors happily took care of it for us: the warming of the food, not the oven. We still have no working oven.

We had lots of fun in Chattanooga when we would visit our family. The downtown area is so beautiful and it seems there are always free, family friendly events happening. Just strolling along the river and people watching was a joy. The kids quickly learned to love the art of sledding: on a cardboard box down a grass hill. Once they got a taste of that, they wanted to do it any time we saw a grassy hill.

That face pretty much sums up the fun that was had.
(more TN adventures to follow…)

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