Summer Fruits-picking our own



We just consumed the last of our frozen summer fruit. For years, even before we had the kids, we would go to a nearby farm or orchard and pick all we could and then spend all day prepping, cutting, peeling, freezing, blending, canning our bounty. And in the middle of winter (if you want to call January in AZ winter) we open a container of summer peaches and it is magical. I’m drooling just thinking about it. There is something satisfying about picking my own food fresh from the tree or vine or bush, seeing where and how it grows and then consuming it. I chose which were ripe, plucked them and brought them home. It’s an experience that I love. And I think the rest of the family concurs.



When we were in Indiana/Michigan this last summer we went to an orchard with my cousin and her kids. It was a day with rain in the forecast and we encountered some light rain but opted to go anyways. We picked apples and pears and peaches and blueberries and raspberries. There were black raspberries! I didn’t even know those existed! And we had the entire orchard to ourselves!

The kids went from picking to exploring to picking again. Violet ate copious amounts of berries. She was apparently the taste tester. We left the orchard with a load of fruit and berries.

We spent the next week or so eating the fresh, juicy pears and peaches as they ripened. We made applesauce. We froze the berries to be used later for smoothies, yogurt or to simply snack on. I decided to flash freeze them this time so we could pull them out individually as opposed to a big glob if they are frozen all at once together in a bag. Frozen berries are a scrumptious snack! The kids love them.

Spring and summer are almost upon us and I can’t wait to find more orchards and farms along our journey so we can pick more. The only thing holding us back is our teeny tiny RV freezer.
FB_IMG_1472069757259**For a view of this silly girl in the blueberry patch, follow this link to watch the video.

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