Home is Where We Park



Usually, home is where we park and often in a random, new place. But this time, home was were I grew up. We spent a month in northern Indiana and southern Michigan. My hometown is nestled in Indiana right along the state line. Some of my family is in Indiana, some are in Michigan.

We encountered a lot of rain when we first arrived which sidelined many outdoor plans. But our number one goal when we stopped there was seeing people, and not necessarily places.

-we went to a county fair with my youngest sis and saw lots of horses, rabbits and mud
-Lilly lost her 2nd tooth…possibly when eating a veggie corndog (it remains a mystery where the tooth went)
– we went to the zoo that I went to as a child
-we picked fruit and berries at an orchard with our cousins
-Violet learned how to ride a bike with pedals (no training wheels ever!)
-we toured an old friend’s brand spanking new café (Zen Café), got to taste delicious coffee and learned a little about the roasting process
-we met up with old friends and their kids and made new friends
-we laughed and talked and danced and played and sang with family, old and new
-we had BBQs
-I got to accompany my baby sis to her wedding dress fitting
-I got to hold my baby nephew for the 1st time
-we visited Grandma’s favorite University while the girls chanted “Go ND!”
-the girls received fancy hair wraps
-we spent lots of time with those we love and haven’t seen in eons
-the girls officially started school and even though it’s homeschooling, we decided to take school photos







We took a side trip to Detroit. We visited family and stayed parked on their property. One day we took a trip into the city and my mom’s cousin was our tourguide. Contrary to everything I’ve heard, Detroit was beautiful! We were there during the jazz fest and there were tons of smiling faces, good music, food and drinks galore. I’m sure there are not so nice areas of the city just as they are anywhere else, but I would really like to go back and see more! Downtown is right along the river. We walked a little of the river walk, kids splashed in the splash pads, we enjoyed views of Canada right across the Detroit River.



Since we previously cut our Lake Michigan Circle Tour a little short, the kids and I went with a friend to Silver Beach in St Joseph, Michigan and enjoyed the waves, white sand and empty beach signifying the end of summer.








Somewhere in the mix of it all Jeff had a couple art shows. And the RV body work was finished.

We bid farewell to my family and friends and headed south. We made a pit stop in Bloomington, Indiana where we set up camp next to the ABR facility. This is where Jeff gets most of his glass and tools and is basically his mecca. He was more than stoked to spend time there. We were able to visit my Aunt & Uncle that lived not far. One day the girls and I took a scenic drive through the town of Nashville, Indiana and found some historic wooden covered bridges. Then we set off for our few months in Tennessee.


2 thoughts on “Home is Where We Park

  1. Such lovely summer photos – I especially love the angle of the first one with your daughter running into the fountain. The angle of the shot gives it so much energy. And can I also say – the hair! Such gorgeous abundant curls 🙂


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