Lake Michigan Circle Tour: Beachside Camping



beach-camping-12Let me just start by saying that this is by far my favorite and non pre-planned stop. So far. I honestly wish we could have stayed longer. I’m sure the rest of the family would agree.

If you read our previous entry,  you know that we went from the west end of the Upper Peninsula, to the east end and spent a few day in St. Ignace. When we were driving there, the road skirted Lake Michigan and the forests opened up to beach views. Clean, smooth, golden sand stretched for miles. The clear water lapped at its shores. It called to us! So when we were ready to leave the St. Ignace area, we backtracked to where the road met water to find a spot to post up for the night. Since we were now on the opposite side of the road and can’t easily just do a U-turn, we had to go all the way down to the National Forest campground, turn around in there so we could head back out on the road and be able to park on the beach side. Completely worth the hassle.
When I thought of beach side camping, I always envisioned the Pacific Coast. Never once did I think we could have this on Lake Michigan! And the whole beach to ourselves. What a treat.

When we parked, there were a handful of cars dotting the lakeshore. There was even another RV. However, by sunset, we were the only ones left. We ate dinner on the beach. That night we slept with the windows open, the sound of waves lulled us to sleep.
The next morning after breakfast we donned bathing suits again and spent the whole morning and early afternoon playing in the warm water. Whenever we find ourselves in this region again we will definitely stay here again. Free, scenic views, warm water, quiet nights. This is what keeps us venturing on.




4 thoughts on “Lake Michigan Circle Tour: Beachside Camping

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  2. Hello! My boyfriend and I are about to take a trip around Lake Michigan in a camper van.We’ll be coming from Chicago and are planning on a 5 day round trip. I am researching easy places to camp, where we can just drive and park, for a night or two and came across your post. I would love more information about where on the beach St. Ignace you stayed. Also, is it fairly easy to find places to sleep for a night along the way?
    Thank you!


    • Hey! Here are coordinates for the area. 45.9732833, -84.9571151 really anywhere along that strip of the road. You’ll see if you look at the satellite view. We also stayed at Little Bay de Noc campground in Rapid River…its a national forest cg, inexpensive. Check out & for ideas on where to stay for free or pay. Have fun!


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