Toy Hauler Makeover

received_10154245493240953The RV has been in the shop for a couple weeks now, getting some body work done. I’m missing my little bubble of space. All 264ish square feet of it. Who would’ve thought that not even a year ago when we moved from our 1880sqft house that I would end up missing a space the size of our living room. While I’m longing for it, I decided to share what we’ve done as far as interior renovations. It’s been a labor of love. And though it is a small space it took us way longer than we envisioned. But we love it and are happy with the outcome.

Despite being over a decade old, the RV was in really good shape when we bought it! I don’t think it got much use. The furniture, albeit ugly, looked brand new. The carpet was in great condition. It seems as though it hauled a few toys and then sat around. Being a toy hauler, the couch and dinette were meant to fold up so you could fit your quads or motorcycles inside. We aren’t using it to haul toys so we removed the furniture and since it was in amazing condition, we were able to sell the bench seats.
Aside from the furniture, we removed and/or replaced a slew of other items.
-removed the accordion door that separated the bedroom from the bathroom area
-removed an old built in radio & in its spot put in a magazine rack that acts as a shelf
-removed the bottom bunk bed & frame
-removed the wooden door that separated the living space from bedroom & replaced it with a curtain
-removed the valances and blinds from all windows
-replaced the kitchen faucet with a residential one
-replaced all of the old bulky lights with small, more efficient LED ones
-removed the reading lamps in the bedroom with LED
-replaced the light switches and added a few new ones
-replaced the bathroom doorknob with a vintage glass one
-*new install* of USB ports in lieu of one of the electric outlets
-*new install* of a 3rd, more convenient 12v outlet
-removed wiring & cables for satellite, the antenna, the radio, speakers (we won’t be using them)
-*new install* of an extra smoke/CO detector
-replaced emergency window latch

Although the space was in great condition, it was dark, boring and outdated. We wanted to brighten up the space by repainting the interior. The brown cabinets made the space seem small. Because…well, it is. And I wasn’t excited about the brass fixtures. All of the fixtures were removed, sanded and spray painted. 20160422_214239We saved money by not buying new ones plus I really liked the detailing on the originals. The cabinets took a long time to do. We removed the cabinets, removed the handles & hinges, applied a liquid deglosser but then decided to also lightly sand them. Then we hand painted using a high density foam roller, coat of primer and a couple coats of acrylic high gloss paint. It took forever with the prepping and painting and drying and waiting and painting. The kids were able to help and we learned a lot in the process.

Lesson learned: next time sand the cabinets, rent a paint sprayer and be finished quicker.

Look at those pretty new handles! Almost 7 months after painting them, 4 months of living full time in the RV and the paint is still holding up. So far, so good.

GOODBYE OUTDATED WALLS! Next up was painting the walls. The floral wallpaper strip peeled off with ease, which was a relief. RV walls are nothing more than plywood with wallpaper on top. Or so it seems. Correct me if I’m wrong. We had numerous suggestions on how to go about painting the walls. What we opted for was light sanding, Kilz oil based primer, then satin interior acrylic paint. Most of the walls were covered in a light gray with slight blue undertone color, a few got the gloss white from the cabinets (I didn’t want the extra to fo to waste). And a couple walls in the bedroom received a green color. The primer was KILLER!  The fumes were intense, to say the least. Even with glasses and a face mask it burned my eyes.

Lesson learned: next time, wear a respirator & goggles!

This is what our tiny home now looks like.




We decided to buy a couch that provided us enough space to all lounge, but also worked as a bed. We eyed one from Ikea for months and finally found it for sale, used, on Craigslist. It looked and smelled brand new and we got it for a fraction of the cost. Now, when we have guests we have a spare bed. The kitchen table plays many roles and has 2 leafs that open up plus 6 storage drawers. I love that it hardly takes up any space when the sides are down. The chairs stack nicely.

Other changes we made:
-Curtains were hung in front of the loft bed area for added privacy.
-The snap on window covers were recovered in a fabric I once used to wrap Violet in when she was a baby.
-All the windows got new window treatments and I was able to trim and use excess for other windows.
-The cubby shelf was originally in our house and was revamped with white paint & then bolted to the ground and wall.
-Applied “stained glass” decal to the upper windows by the loft bed.

Eventually we would like to redo the flooring, get a new bath tub, replace the bathroom sink, tint the windows. We intend on painting the back wall eventually and adding more artwork into the space.

No renovation is complete without Before and After pictures. I know I always love to see a side by side comparison. Enjoy!

Thanks for taking the tour with us! If you have any questions about the renovation, feel free to ask!



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